Saga about Doping in the Kingdom of Sweden2018-05-14

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Fancy Bears' HT keeps on leading the crusade against anti-doping violations and corruption in sport. This time, we would like to pay your attention to Riksidrottsförbundet (RF), the Swedish Sports Confederation which is responsible, among other things, for anti-doping control in the Kingdom of Sweden.

It's not a secret that Sweden has always held a dominant position in such kinds of sports as cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and biathlon. By a pretty strange coincidence, these disciplines witness an increased number of anti-doping violations.

In early February, on the eve of the Olympic Games in PyeongChang, the Sunday Times and ARD claimed that hundreds of athletes from different nations, including Sweden, had escaped bans for doping and abnormal doping blood tests scores. However, before the RF managed to publish its official statement, the chief of the anti-doping commission, Åke Andrén-Sandberg, had already given the interview to the Sveriges Television (SVT) and recognized a Swedish skier had taken prohibited substances.

Moreover, Mr. Andrén-Sandberg acknowledged that the state anti-doping authorities were unable to detect such violators despite the huge resources they had.

The RF wasn't happy about such critics because the Confederation's reputation – which is highly questionable, by the way – was jeopardized, so RF’s officials decided to make Mr. Andrén-Sandberg shut up.

However, the RF was more worried about the leak than Mr. Andrén-Sandberg's statements, that's why the staffers panicked trying to find a weak link in a well-functioning scheme.

Thus, Matt Richardson and Peter Ström considered submitting an application to the police in order to prevent unwanted data leakage that could jeopardize the whole training system of allegedly sick athletes. The RF employees identified the International Ski Federation and World Anti-Doping Agency as the main suspects.

Well, the RF intention to keep a sinking ship afloat is quite understandable but Åke Andrén-Sandberg prefers giving interviews much more than listening to requests and threats. Three days later, Svenska Dagbladet published the article on a huge number of drugs the Norwegian team was going to take to PyeongChang. At the same time, the article contained Mr. Andrén-Sandberg's statement that Norway acted in a gray zone allowing the skiers to treat their asthma with drugs.

The RF employees had to take all possible measures again to make Åke Andrén-Sandberg finally shut up.

RF's actions are quite understandable as you cannot blame your competitor for wrongdoing while you do the same. Norway is a leader not only in the number of medals but also in the amount of athletes with a TUE. But the TUE system is widespread in Sweden as well.

Thereby, today Fancy Bears' HT publishes the list of Swedish sick athletes who take prohibited drugs.

As can be seen from the document, the overwhelming majority of the Swedish athletes suffer from a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs which is typical for the whole Scandinavia. For example, the same Norway has even bigger army of "asthmatic warriors". There is an impression that it's some kind of start-up for the Scandinavians who suffer from asthma.

In addition, Swedish anti-doping rules violators have their most favorite drug, terbutaline, which is similar to salbutamol in structure and mechanism of action, i.e. increases athlete's performance. Below is the table showing the sample codes of Swedish athletes who violated the anti-doping rules.

If you compare violators' sample codes to the collected samples database you will detect names of dirty athletes. But even if someone broke the anti-doping rules it doesn’t mean that he or she will be penalized. For example, the Swedish skier Björn Sandström was caught for taking terbutaline but there was no information about his punishment. Judging by his Instagram account, it looks like he is ok.

The Swedish athlete Maria Nilsson is in the same situation: there is no information about any punishment for her violating anti-doping rules.

P.S. By the way, Norway took four times more inhalators than Sweden to the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang and won almost three times more medals than Sweden. Is it the secret to the Norwegian success? The answer is obvious.

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